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With spring finally arriving and the weather getting a bit warmer; I love driving into the city and spending the day with my little guy. I'm excited to share with you guys that I have partnered with YMC & H&M, to bring you my take on how I’ll be styling Félix this spring.  I want to share these fun spring looks, which I created for our play date in the city.


 Although I spent some time hunting the internet for a bit of inspiration, it was no surprise that I found most of my inspiration from H&M’s online website. With H&M being our one-stop shop for these spring-inspired looks; I was able to come across some new spring must-have statement pieces  -- I went ahead and made extra room in his closet. Our kids can never have too many clothes!


Most of the time I like to keep Félix’s looks neutral, but I noticed this pink hoodie while shopping and just knew I needed it to be apart of his wardrobe. I felt like I should try a different look and switch it up a bit with the way that I style him. 


The Downtown Toronto lifestyle inspired the looks I've put together. The constant rush of the city, the lights, the screens all over Yonge- Dundas, the shops, the live music and of course Félix’s favourite things, the passing buses and cars he was excited to see! I wanted to bring a cool kick back casual look with a pop of pink and this pink hoody screamed, spring is here for me. I cooled down the vibrant pink hoodie with the navy blue bomber jacket, lightly distressed jeans and white sneakers. He insists on wearing his sunglasses, but it did add to the fresh vibes that his outfit was giving us!

When it comes to styling myself, I look at how I’ve dressed Félix for the day and that determines what I'm going to wear; especially if I know, we’ll be out walking and running around for a few hours. I usually choose outfits that’ll be comfortable so he can walk and run, oh, and warm - even though spring is here, there’s still a hint of winter in the air. 


For our day out, I chose a casual style for myself as well. I saw these pink boyfriend jeans online that I loved and luckily spotted them at Erin Mills Town Centre - can you believe they are only $34! I love how loose and casual, but eye-catching they are. I paired them with a simple graphic tee (sold out at this time ), a green padded jacket from H&M and white sneakers. Since I had no time to do my makeup because let's be honest I’m not the greatest when it comes to time management; I went ahead and paired my look with these sunnies.


 Félix's look sure caught peoples eyes, and because I take pride in dressing him like a little fashionista to match his charming and outgoing personality, H&M’s new affordable and fashion-forward looks fit perfect in his closet and bring my styling mom dreams to life. What I’m most excited to share with you guys, is that from March 22 – April 5, you can enjoy 20% off your kid's purchase when you spend $60 or more (in-store only). If you can’t make it to the stores, because I get it #MOMLIFE, the offer will be valid online at www.hm.com from April 6th-8th, so you can sit back, sip some wine and fill your little fashionista’s closet with some adorable and affordable new pieces from H&M’s new spring collection. Félix and I most definitely approve! Happy Shopping ya'll !! xo


Disclosure: I have partnered with YMC and H&M and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.