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Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat Review

Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat Review



This is the review I have been very excited to give, The Diono Radian RXT Convertible car seat. I am SO excited to share my opinions with you guys! I hope this review can help when deciding to purchase your next or first, car seat.



You guys have no idea how excited I was for this package to arrive. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long, Diono has super fast shipping! So when it arrived, right off the bat the first thing I actually said to the mailman was, this is it? I was so surprised with how compact the box was. Until, I lifted it up and damn, it had some heft to it! I decided to wait for Kenny to come home before I actually opened it. Once he got home, I opened it and was expecting to find a bunch of loose parts, but to my surprise, there were no loose parts.
Hidden delights

No loose parts for the car seat? So I thought, but the parts were actually inside the car seat back rest — neat little storage slots for literally everything on the backside of the car seat. There is even a hook to attach the instruction manual too, so that way if you need it down the road, it’s there (so cool!). Ask me if I have any idea where my other instruction manuals are — no idea! Small details like this make a huge difference for me personally. Another small detail I loved was the recall registration I found inside. The recall note is meant for me to fill out and mail back so that I can be contacted in case of any product recalls.



Ya’ll, I have installed two car seats so far, the Diono being my third and it was relatively straight forward. The latch was a very simple straight forward mechanism — make sure to check weight limits when using the latch system. I did find the car seat itself quite heavy for a car seat made for traveling, but I managed.

We installed the car seat into two different cars, one of those cars being a Mercedes Benz B-Class. We ended up losing significant front passenger seat space due to the recline of the Diono Radian RXT. Im about 5’9 and sitting in the front passenger seat was completely uncomfortable with barely any leg room remaining. When we had our car seat inspected by one of Kenny's friends who happens to be a captain of a local fire department, he recommended that there be a gap large enough to slide your hand through between the front seat and carseat, so this left even less passenger space.  After the B-class, We decided to try the car seat (rear facing) in our BMW X3. This time it was even worse, I couldn't even fit into the passenger seat. I ended up driving while Kenny uncomfortably squeezed into the passenger seat and he is 5'6". We had to fix this problem ASAP.


Angle Adjuster

The reason for the car seat taking up so much space is the extreme recline angle, it reclines pretty far back. This was one of my main issues with the car seat, the angling. It just wasn't practical. After doing a bit of research, I came to find that I needed an Angle Adjuster (sold separately). An angle adjuster, is basically a foam piece that you can purchase off the Diono website. The adjuster goes under the car seat and raises the car seat so that the angle is more aligned. It gives you the space you should have between the car seat and passenger seat. Unless you're driving a van or a larger SUV, I cannot stress enough that you will need the Angle Adjuster if you intend to use this seat rear facing. This however comes with one caveat, The angle adjuster cannot be used until the child can support their head on their own, or sit up on their own.

Fire Station Installation Inspection

Guys, I highly recommend getting your car seat checked for proper installation at your local fire station. Here in Ontario, some fire departments usually have installation inspection for car seats available and it’s free! What you do is, you call in, double check that they offer this service and make an appointment to head on over. Having them check that your car seat is properly installed will ensure full protection for your children.


PROS of the Diono Radian RXT

* Convertible car seat - Can be used rear facing from 5lbs to 45lbs, forward facing from 22lbs to 65lbs and eventually turns into a booster seat for kids from 50lbs up to 120lbs.This is literally the only car seat you will have to purchase. I only wish I did my research sooner!

* Built from quality material - The reason the Radian RXT is so heavy, is because of its full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides. Also I really loved the fabric they used, the fabric is so soft and I would be delighted to put an infant, sensitive skin and all, in this car seat.

* Portability - This car seat is so compact and perfect for traveling and storage. It folds up nicely and you can even purchase straps so you can carry the car seat while traveling. It can fold completely flat, which I haven't see any other car seat do. (so cool!)

* Harness Pads - The Radiant comes with two sets of harness pads, I loved this extra detail seeing as how I had to purchase them separately for past car seats, This would have been a huge check mark for me when Félix was an infant and needed the extra support and comfort.

* Safety- One of the reasons I was drawn to this car seat when I did my research prior to having this opportunity to partner with Diono was it's Safety Ratings.

* Rear Face - Being able to rear face Félix up to 45lbs is a huge deal to me, and also the amount of leg space he has as he grows.  

* Headrest - The headrest on the Radian is easily adjustable and super comfy for Félix. Not long after putting him in the seat he was out cold.

CONS of the Diono Radian RXT

* Weight - While it is great for traveling due to its compactness, it is still rather heavy

* The angling - I didn't love the fact that I was squished in my seat and needed to purchase the Angle Adjuster separately.

* Space- Can take up a lot of room in the rear facing position. Something to consider if you drive a small car.


Final Verdict

I would highly recommend the Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat to you guys, to my friends and to my family. This car seat definitely did meet my expectations for Safety, comfort, material, sustainability,portability,and how well built it is. I started my research on Diono months ago before I got this opportunity to review it myself and I was very impressed by it’s safety ratings and having read mainly great things about it. The only downfall is the loss of space in the car.  On that note, I do recommend you purchase the Angle Adjuster if your child is able sit up on their own and is able to support their head on their own. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review and I do hope you find this review helpful when it comes time to make this important purchase for your babies.

xo Lily


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